March 27, 2011


Hey boys and girls, ladies and gents, madams and sirs? We’ve been super busy so we haven’t been updating our website lately but like it matters anyways. Well there has been so much going on these last couple of weeks prior to the Giants pre-season. It’s been gettin’ super busy and we are barely able to keep up in inventory. It’s surpassing what we normally purchase! It’s a good thing anyways meaning our food is staying REAL fresh. This is all your guys fault and we have nothing to do but thank you for all the wonderful support you’ve all given us. Also… did you  know we use fresh chicken rather than the cheap alternative frozen junk? It’s so much better and we have it delivered practically everyday except for Sundays because no one works that day except the crazy few like us. Another cool fact is that its delivered from a local poultry company called A. Tarantino that specializes only in the distribution of seafood and poultry. So give us some cred and eat our fried chicken everyday if you can. We do our best to provide you a good fried chicken experience even though our menu is quite overwhelming. Also I don’t want to repeat myself but you should check out our burgers. They are quite delicious but maybe too much for one to handle. Do you have the guts?

February 22, 2011


I know I know I know! It sounds real crazy but we decided to move along and start selling our amazing waffle chzburga! This is one burger you will never forget and will probably tell your friends about. We cannot describe how delicious this burger is. You could also try this amazing concoction with any other burger on our menu. All we will do is replace the bun with our AMAZING waffle bun. We are not kidding! Does it look like its April yet?

What people have been saying:

” WHOA! It’s even better than a regular burger!” -Anonymous #1 Person

“I like how the waffle is cooked FRESH!” – Anonymous #2 Person

“I can’t even finish the darn thing! It’s TOO BIGGG!” – Anonymous #3 Person

Ok ok ok…. maybe it’s a little exaggerated but seriously. This is what people  are saying for the most part.

Try it for yourself and tell us what you think. It’s a quirky combination you will NEVER forget. We promise.

February 8, 2011


We will  be serving up delicious mouthwatering pre-party GARLIC FRIES only for this month. You know you want some!

February 1, 2011


Are you ready?

January 18, 2011


FRENCH ROLL + FRIED CHICKEN + SAUCE + ONIONS + JALAPENOS =  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _ _ _ _.



January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King Jr.

Photo Source:,_Jr._Day

Truly a historical national holiday with an importance that is unimaginable. Everything that San Francisco stands for is basically owed to Martin Luther King Jr.  Our diverse culture and society is a product of his beliefs/movement. This is a man who basically died for everyone. He worked for something that was selfless and for everyone’s own good. This man was many times courageous but a gazillion times intelligent. He brought many races together for something they all believed in and convinced them that one day in his dream speech, they would be able to see things no one would ever thought possible. It was a dream that did seem impossible at the time, but he knew was possible to achieve. Eight decades later from the day MLK was born, his dream has come true. Everything from education to job discrimination has been in the most part erased. It is now possible to do something with your life if you put your mind, courage, and heart into it. Yes, maybe we are still not the perfect country (that is more like a fantasy) but we are for the most part free to do whatever it is that we want. It’s the risks we worry about that holds us back. Once we take that chance though…what else is there to fear? Martin Luther King Jr = HERO.

Really wanted to mention that we will be open tomorrow!

Kitchen hours will be like usual 10am-9pm. Donut shop will be open 24 hours as usual.

See you there?

January 15, 2011


Wow folks! Our Friday lunch rush was crazy ridiculous. Not only did we have to provide the same quality of service and food to our norms, but we also had to prepare a large 150+ chicken meals that was absolutely insane. That was about 600+ pieces of chicken, 150+ orders of biscuits, 150+ orders of mash, and 150+ orders of corn. It was simply….. NUTS! We were working our *bleep* off but we got the job done. If anyone else is looking to place a large order like this, we will definitely be ready for some more action! All we need is about a week’s time and a 1/3 deposit to fulfill large orders for 50-100+ people. If possible, delivery arrangements can be made but will cost an upwards of $100 depending on size of order and distance of travel. Well enough of that and happy Friday! Ooops nevermind its too late…it’s Saturday right now. Happy Saturday everybody! Oh yeah last thing we’d also like to thank you for continuously checking out our site for updates. We will be having more changes in the coming months so keep up! See ya soon!

January 7, 2011


Watch out boys and girls! This coming Sunday AT&T park will be hosting the only college bowl in Northern California. The event had already been sold out in Nevada!!!! ( We have no clue how crazy it will be but can sense it will be one extremely wild day. Please drink responsibly and stay safe. We will be serving food from 10am-8:30pm and will continue to open the donut shop all day like usual. Come and check out some of our new donuts such as big foot, blueberry fritter, or fruit bowties. These are SERIOUS doughnuts. We will not be posting up any pictures because you have to see them in person to believe. It’s almost too crazy to even grasp the concept of  such big donuts. They are SERIOUS doughnuts I repeat. SERIOUSLY, SERIOUS DONUTS!

December 30, 2010


We will be serving all our food on Friday December 31, 2010 until the late, late hours of 3am of January 1, 2o11.  Come on by, eat , and get crazy for the new year!

December 30, 2010


THE SHROOMSTA BURGER (Available for a limited time)

Served with a side of french fries.

$9.50 + tax

Deep fried cajun portabella mushroom patty, pj cheese, green leaf lettuce, red onion, spicy jalapenos, mayo, & homemade chipotle sauce!

For the month of January we will be serving a custom SHROOMSTA BURGER! This is one deep fried portabella mushroom cheeseburger (especially if your a vegetarian) you MUST try! It’s nothing like you’ve ever had before because of its flavorful kick that leaves your tastes buds on FIRE! The guy (me) who is writing this used to be a vegetarian but now has quit and definitely knows what tastes good and bad from his very memorable vegetarian days. So come one, come all, and spread the word before its gone. You have to try our delicious custom burger for the month of January….or you’ll regret it!