Chicken and….waffles???

We’re now serving up our famous fried chicken with waffles…no joke! To most, this is a strange new combination that doesn’t appeal at first. It’s not until you have your first bite you blame yourself for ever trying. It’s the most sinfully sweet, slighty spicy, and slightly salty combination that leaves you wanting more and more, day after day, hour after hour, year after year. all summer and all winter long. It’s seriously an amazing way to start your day since you could practically have this for breakfast, lunch or dinner! It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Seriously. If I were you I’d stay far away from our place. Our waffles are so ridiculously addicting its just plain ridiculous.We’ve worked hard to master a delicious buttermilk waffle batter that tastes so good it reminds you of home every time you take a bite. You just gotta make sure it’s buttered properly and drowned in syrup or it won’t be right. You get what I’m sayin’? If you need help we could easily show you how this is done. It’s clearly not rocket science but it does take time to perfect the art of waffle-izing your waffle. So please come on by and try our chicken and waffle combination. It is truly something special. Oh yeah and please note to oneself to bring extra napkins just in case. There are too many addicts out there and they may have already annihilated every single napkin we have. Okay…. we’re kidding on that one but seriously be prepared to have some sticky fingers.


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