Yes people we are going to torture ourselves on the most celebrated day of the year because we want to make all our wonderful customers happy. We really have nothing better to do and would rather socialize and sell some chicken and donuts. Seriously! Our hours will be the same as usual. Donuts open 24 hours, chicken side opening at 10:30am-7:00pm. We really hope to see you there and join us in the un-festive festivities. We will have regular music playing, no christmas lights, no christmas tree, no carolers caroling, no santa ho ho ho’s, and especially nothing that relates to that awful color Christmas red. We are sorry but we really didn’t have the time to decorate and be festive this year. Maybe next year? We were so busy remodeling and making changes to accomodate our customers that there seemed to be no time to be merry and cherry. On Christmas day though we will do our best to provide you with good food and a nice warm spot to enjoy it. Please come on by  ….we have delicious burgers, waffles, fried chicken, & donuts just waiting for your consumption. You will regret it if you plan on having some sort of leftover or frozen dinner because you couldn’t find anything else to eat. Just sayin’.


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