THE SHROOMSTA BURGER (Available for a limited time)

Served with a side of french fries.

$9.50 + tax

Deep fried cajun portabella mushroom patty, pj cheese, green leaf lettuce, red onion, spicy jalapenos, mayo, & homemade chipotle sauce!

For the month of January we will be serving a custom SHROOMSTA BURGER! This is one deep fried portabella mushroom cheeseburger (especially if your a vegetarian) you MUST try! It’s nothing like you’ve ever had before because of its flavorful kick that leaves your tastes buds on FIRE! The guy (me) who is writing this used to be a vegetarian but now has quit and definitely knows what tastes good and bad from his very memorable vegetarian days. So come one, come all, and spread the word before its gone. You have to try our delicious custom burger for the month of January….or you’ll regret it!


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