Wow folks! Our Friday lunch rush was crazy ridiculous. Not only did we have to provide the same quality of service and food to our norms, but we also had to prepare a large 150+ chicken meals that was absolutely insane. That was about 600+ pieces of chicken, 150+ orders of biscuits, 150+ orders of mash, and 150+ orders of corn. It was simply….. NUTS! We were working our *bleep* off but we got the job done. If anyone else is looking to place a large order like this, we will definitely be ready for some more action! All we need is about a week’s time and a 1/3 deposit to fulfill large orders for 50-100+ people. If possible, delivery arrangements can be made but will cost an upwards of $100 depending on size of order and distance of travel. Well enough of that and happy Friday! Ooops nevermind its too late…it’s Saturday right now. Happy Saturday everybody! Oh yeah last thing we’d also like to thank you for continuously checking out our site for updates. We will be having more changes in the coming months so keep up! See ya soon!


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