Martin Luther King Jr.

Photo Source:,_Jr._Day

Truly a historical national holiday with an importance that is unimaginable. Everything that San Francisco stands for is basically owed to Martin Luther King Jr.  Our diverse culture and society is a product of his beliefs/movement. This is a man who basically died for everyone. He worked for something that was selfless and for everyone’s own good. This man was many times courageous but a gazillion times intelligent. He brought many races together for something they all believed in and convinced them that one day in his dream speech, they would be able to see things no one would ever thought possible. It was a dream that did seem impossible at the time, but he knew was possible to achieve. Eight decades later from the day MLK was born, his dream has come true. Everything from education to job discrimination has been in the most part erased. It is now possible to do something with your life if you put your mind, courage, and heart into it. Yes, maybe we are still not the perfect country (that is more like a fantasy) but we are for the most part free to do whatever it is that we want. It’s the risks we worry about that holds us back. Once we take that chance though…what else is there to fear? Martin Luther King Jr = HERO.

Really wanted to mention that we will be open tomorrow!

Kitchen hours will be like usual 10am-9pm. Donut shop will be open 24 hours as usual.

See you there?


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