I know I know I know! It sounds real crazy but we decided to move along and start selling our amazing waffle chzburga! This is one burger you will never forget and will probably tell your friends about. We cannot describe how delicious this burger is. You could also try this amazing concoction with any other burger on our menu. All we will do is replace the bun with our AMAZING waffle bun. We are not kidding! Does it look like its April yet?

What people have been saying:

” WHOA! It’s even better than a regular burger!” -Anonymous #1 Person

“I like how the waffle is cooked FRESH!” – Anonymous #2 Person

“I can’t even finish the darn thing! It’s TOO BIGGG!” – Anonymous #3 Person

Ok ok ok…. maybe it’s a little exaggerated but seriously. This is what people  are saying for the most part.

Try it for yourself and tell us what you think. It’s a quirky combination you will NEVER forget. We promise.


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