Hey boys and girls, ladies and gents, madams and sirs? We’ve been super busy so we haven’t been updating our website lately but like it matters anyways. Well there has been so much going on these last couple of weeks prior to the Giants pre-season. It’s been gettin’ super busy and we are barely able to keep up in inventory. It’s surpassing what we normally purchase! It’s a good thing anyways meaning our food is staying REAL fresh. This is all your guys fault and we have nothing to do but thank you for all the wonderful support you’ve all given us. Also… did you  know we use fresh chicken rather than the cheap alternative frozen junk? It’s so much better and we have it delivered practically everyday except for Sundays because no one works that day except the crazy few like us. Another cool fact is that its delivered from a local poultry company called A. Tarantino that specializes only in the distribution of seafood and poultry. So give us some cred and eat our fried chicken everyday if you can. We do our best to provide you a good fried chicken experience even though our menu is quite overwhelming. Also I don’t want to repeat myself but you should check out our burgers. They are quite delicious but maybe too much for one to handle. Do you have the guts?


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