Here at our bakery we make fresh hand forged doughnuts daily every night on site! Yes we do all the mixing, the twisting, the rolling, the turning, and the frying. It’s something special that isn’t completely mechanical such as our competitors.We also have many varieties of croissants, muffins, and cookies that are baked on site as well.  Come on by and pick up a doughnut or two with a dillano’s premium cup of joe. It’s not such a bad idea…right?

Regular Donuts

Vanilla Cake | Chocolate Cake | Maple Cake | Old Fashion

Crumby Cake | Cinnamon Cake | Plain Cake | Powder Cake

Glazed Ring | Chocolate Ring | Maple Ring | Sugar Ring | Pinky Ring

“Pinky Ring”                                                              “Leaning Tower of Old Fashions”

Filled Donuts

Custard Filled Long John | Chocolate Custard Round | Sugar Blueberry | Glazed Raspberry


Glazed Cinnamon Roll | Cinnamon Twister | Long Johns | Donut Holes

Apple Fritter | Blueberry Fritter | Big Foots | Blueberry Cream Bowtie

Raspberry Cream Bowtie | French Cruller | Buttermilk Bars

“Chocolate French Cruller ”                                         “Blueberry Fritter”

Baked Goods

Fruit Danish | Butter Croissant | Ham & Chz Croissant

Raisin Danish | Cinnamon Danish Twist | Cream Cinnabun

Devon Fruit Sticks | Apple Turnovers | Cookies | Muffins


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